For over 2 years, I’ve lead full the UX and creative needs for the OPSUMIT brand.
I’ve conducted user research and card sorting sessions to deliver user insights. My innovative
visual designs and round-trip user responses displayed valuable comparisons. The success of this app helped to continue a consistent and productive relationship with our client Actelion.

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Design a brand independent mobile application that specifically focuses on individual patient data.

Maintained within SalesForce’s CRM, I designed a visually unique experience within the OPSUMIT brand. I wanted to create a very different type of visual design to represent the patients. So I combined clean silhouettes with the geometrical style within the OPSUMIT logo to achieve what I was looking for. My other goal was to keep certain hallmarks and UI elements that users would recall from the sales aid application but modify the look and feel with a stronger focus on patients.

The Virtual Waiting Room application was well received and continues to be leveraged as a valuable resource from within the OPSUMIT sales aid for teams in the field.


Creative Samplesvwr_screen1 vwr_1susanvwr_screen2

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