I currently teach both the Applied UX and Interactive Visual Design courses at the University of Washington. I love leading the next generation of UX contributors towards success.


At UW, I instruct students to find the right problem to solve all the way to solving the problem right.

One of the fundamentals we cover includes simplifying complex information into a simple format that is useful and usable. In the second course, I teach how to visually design your solution in the most appropriate and aesthetically pleasing way.

Throughout each course, I emphasize that UX has the opportunity to solve known problems but also identify new revenue streams. In order for UX to successful contributor is able to achieve the balance of business and user goals.

I also mentor students at The School of Visual Concepts and have taught UX/UI at General Assembly.

Since 2011, General Assembly has delivered education for today’s most in-demand skills. I’ve had the unique opportunity to contribute and teach two classes in Seattle.

My first class, “Introduction to Visual Design” centered around how visual design relates to our digital world. The second class, “Introduction to User Experience” course offered a comprehensive UX journey from identifying problems to solve, to research, to prototypes (with lots of sticky notes in-between).


In addition to teaching, I’ve also spoken at the Seattle General Assembly campus. I love helping others along their design journey and look forward to each opportunity!

Let’s chat if you’d like me to advocate for great user experience at your company.