Western Digital asked my team at Providence to design a scheduling and check in experience for their Wellness Center at the corporate headquarters. The on campus clinic provides convenient, cost-effective access to health care services and promotes a healthy work-life balance to Western Digital employees and their families.

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Western Digital employees needed a convenient way to schedule appointments that would fit into their busy work schedules. Our small team at Providence had less than 3 months to scope, design, and build this responsive site.

Working with the on site clinic team, I defined the patient experience from WD employee research, feature requirements, and design. There was no time for wireframes. We literally had to jump from sketches to full designs within a month. This was one of the fastest (though satisfying) projects I have worked on in a while.


Patients are able to sign in for quick scheduling, especially useful for reoccurring treatments like acupuncture or chiropractic treatments.


The left hand navigation shows how far along a patient is in the scheduling process. It also serves as a fast way to revise the appointment at any time.

The MVP scheduling component was delivered via a responsive site while the patient check-in process at the clinic was presented on an iPad. Nurse practitioners viewed the day’s schedule through a secure code-lock known only by clinic staff. As each patient arrives, the NP chooses the patient’s name from the list, verifies the birthdate, and hands the iPad to the patient for further intake identification.


The patient check-in system has both a provider and patient section.
The provider reviews the patient list then they hand the iPad to the patient for visit confirmation.


The responsive site and kiosk experience were scoped, designed, and engineered in record time (less than 3 months) in order to account for a hard deadline. Communication was critical in keeping a tight focus on “must-have” functionality for launch. Our solutions were celebrated by Western Digital’s upper management and immediately used by their employees. The scheduling system I designed is being used future projects.

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